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3 Kinds Skiing Equipment For Disabled

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Skiing is a pretty fun and exciting activity. It is very popular and everyone wants to enjoy it. Some may think that the sport is only cut for individuals with good physical health. However, this is not true and skiing can be equally enjoyed by everybody. Even a disabled person can go skiing with the right equipment. You may face complications in making an appropriate choice. That’s why here is the list of the 3 kinds of skiing equipment available for disabled people. 

Four Or Three Track Equipment 

This equipment is designed for people with a single leg or lower body problems. Such kinds of disabilities demand additional support and balance. They can make use of their rest of the body which is mainly the arms and remaining leg. The equipment enables users to take turns and adapt according to the situation with ease. It comes in a three-track form of one ski and two poles. When a person is dependent on an artificial leg then he or she goes for the four-track tool. This four-track is flexible as well as reliable more on arms.

Mono-Ski Equipment

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This tool has a flexible chair joined with the ski. It allows the user to alter the direction with the help of the hands or arms. There are ski poles of comparatively smaller size. All the adjustments are done using these poles. The skiing person has extra leisure when correlated with other choices. A monoski tool is a great option for those who have any spinal injury or a person who cannot stand on their two feet. The force is concentrated on the area which can be easily used by a person with a deformity. 

Bi-Ski Equipment 

The equipment is very much similar to a mono-ski. People with disabilities related to legs, spine, or lower body can opt for it. A bi-ski resembles a wheelchair. Just like a wheelchair which lets a handicapped person move without worries. The same happens while utilizing bi-ski. All the force comes from the functioning upper body parts like arms, shoulders, and muscles. This tool has two skis beneath the chair, unlike mono-ski. It provides extra protection to the user. The user can effortlessly regulate speed and path. They can also take a guide along with them. However, the equipment gives less freedom when related to mono-ski skiing.


Skiing is not just limited to a specific category of individuals. The sport can be enjoyed by anybody. There are no restrictions for skiing. Even a person with an injury or any physically challenged person has equal opportunity. The only thing required is the correct equipment or tools. However, there is a variety of equipment present and it becomes difficult to pick one. The above article is useful for those looking for effective skiing tools as the 3 types of skiing equipment are mentioned.

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