Fast Nordic Skiing: Cross Country Skiing And Telemark

Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing includes the many forms of snow skiing where the heel of the skis is permanently fixed to a binding rather than slides freely from side to side as traditional Alpine skiing does. Most recreational skiing disciplines include cross country skiing and telemark skiing and short and long-distance ski trips. In some countries, these days, the two most popular varieties of skiing are freestyle skiing and cross country skiing, and it seems that more people are going in for this type of skiing.

Nordic Cross-Country Skiing

There are two different Nordic skiing styles – the first is called Nordic cross-country skiing where the skier skis in a single fluid movement over varied terrain and slopes with the sole of their feet sliding under the bindings. The other skiing style is known as cross-country freestyle, where the skier maintains the same fluid motion without the binding, which allows them to ski with one foot while the other is placed under the bindings.

Most Popular Varieties Of Skiing
Fast Nordic Skiing: Cross Country Skiing And Telemark

Large Amount Of Ski Resort

Nordic skiing is usually found in countries such as Sweden and Norway. There are large amounts of ski resorts, and it is only recently that many countries have adopted this form of skiing as a recreational activity. Some countries with large amounts of ski resorts in which Nordic skiing is popular include Switzerland, Canada, and Denmark. Many countries have ski resorts on the border regions where the two ski disciplines overlap, making it easier to practice Nordic skiing techniques in their national parks. Some ski resorts even have an indoor facility, and this is where some newcomers to try their hands at Nordic skiing for the first time.

Trying The Winter Sport

If you are thinking about trying this winter sport, there are several things you should keep in mind. Firstly you will need to get used to being in the bindings so that your muscles can be conditioned for the task at hand, and secondly, you will need to learn how to control your body to achieve your best skiing results. To learn to ski with a binding, you must be able to learn and understand the various rules of the game, which are laid down by international ski governing bodies, particularly the International Federation of Olympic Committee (IOC).

Able To Lift Your Foot

One important rule is that you have to be able to lift your foot from the binding and place it over the edge without the binding coming off balance. This is the most basic rule of all skiing, and different types of bindings may be used to achieve this. You should also be aware that you cannot skip the binding off and land it back on the skis when skiing. For example, if you are to go forward, it is important that you have the binding on the right and left sides to prevent you from falling backward.

Weight On The Bindings

When skiing cross country ski, it is necessary to make sure you have both your feet firmly on the skis, and the weight on the bindings should be evenly distributed across both ski bindings to prevent you from falling backward. The weight should never be evenly distributed across the bindings as you may find yourself unable to put any pressure on either the front or the rear side of the bindings and falling.

Learn The Techniques: Nordic Skiing

As you learn the techniques of cross-country skiing, you must make sure that you have the correct equipment on your person. Many people choose to wear a full set of ski equipment when they learn the art of Nordic skiing and, in particular, the proper apparel. You don’t need to use all the equipment which includes boots, bindings, gloves and ski poles. You will find some people choosing to wear a vest and tights to keep their body warm while they learn to ski.

Additional Safety Comsiderations

Many of the safety rules about skiing that you have to follow are the same rules that apply for skiing on open slopes. Still, there are additional safety considerations to consider as you are skiing over more difficult terrain or in different terrain. For example, the most important thing to remember when skiing is to stay on the edge of the slope when skiing cross country, it is important that you keep to a single track path at all times.

Snowboarding Safety: Nordic Skiing

The first rule in snowboarding safety is to wear the proper clothing that will keep you warm and wear protective eye protection, head and neck protection, and a good pair of goggles. In Nordic skiing you will find that you have a binding that has an extension that can be extended to reach your thigh, this will allow you to move freely over more difficult terrain and will also allow you to stop at other points that are on the slope and continue skiing without putting any pressure on your bindings.

Cross-country Skiing And Freestyle
Fast Nordic Skiing: Cross Country Skiing And Telemark

Bottom Line

Another important rule of skiing is to avoid binding your foot with anything as you are not gripping your bindings or ski. So, when binding your ski bindings to prevent the binding off, you should put both your heel on the binding and not place the toe of your skis against the binding.

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