Grass Skiing Equipment Options For Alpine Grassland Skiing And Snowboarding

grass skiing equipment

When you hear the words, “grass skiing,” do you imagine a green blanket and green slopes? Or, would you picture some tiny figure skier on a small white ski suit racing down the sloping mountains? In truth, grass skiing isn’t really like that at all. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing winter sports throughout the world. Grass skiing, which is also sometimes referred to as turf skiing, is usually thought of as summer is equivalent to traditional winter skiing. While not nearly as widely popular as its snowy winter counterpart, grass skiing also has a devoted following in Europe and has even earned itself a name as an alternative form of winter sport.

But Why Are Grass Skiing Equipment So Popular?

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The obvious reason is the image created by the alpine grassland environment that you get when you view a grass skiing video. In short alpine grassland provides an ideal backdrop for this unique winter sport. The contrast between the densely vegetated nature of the alpine meadows and the rocky cliffs and gullies below is visually stunning. Just watching the runners and skiers creates a unique atmosphere in which you are transported to another world, a world where speed, stamina, grace, and style collide in an artistic display of perfection.

With the right kind of gear and proper guidance, an alpine skiing holiday can be the most memorable experience of your life. The equipment that you need for this type of sport doesn’t need to be expensive. For beginners, there are three main types of grass skiing equipment available, and these include snowboards, boots, and helmets.

List Of Best Grass Skiing Gear

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Snowboards are perhaps the most important of the three grass skiing equipment categories. Their defining feature is that they have a high degree of floatation combined with good responsiveness. Snowboards are made from various fabrics, and some of the most popular varieties are those made from fleece, carbon fiber, and vinyl.

While snowboards have the highest level of floatation ability, snowboards do not excel at maintaining speed. Therefore, they should only be used on relatively easy slopes where other equipment would be more appropriate. The other main category of grass skiing equipment is the boot. Boots are designed specifically to provide support for the skier and have either full or split sole construction. Full sole boots allow the skier to feel as if he is walking on a surface, while split-sole boots have more to give, resulting in a better balance. Many leading brands such as Entwickelt and Volcom produce both types of boots.

Popular Types Of Grass Skiing Equipment

One of the most popular types of grass skiing equipment is the upang. The name used comes from the Chinese character for monkey and represents the shape of a monkey’s foot. The pan is made from synthetic materials such as PVC and willow, with its open shape facilitating comfortable and stable grip on the uphill. Typically the downside is that it is very light weight which may limit the ability to get a high speed run due to its sensitivity.

Finally, most skiers will want to invest in an alpine skiing helmet. Although most skiers will know what to wear under their jackets and helmets, they may not be aware of the importance of a good quality alpine skiing helmet. Helmets are designed to protect the entire head from impact by compacting the impact and dispersing the shock waves. An effective helmet should have rigid sides and a full polycarbonate shell which provide excellent protection from impacts. Some popular brands are Spy, Ion, CPSC and Lakai.

Final Thoughts

As well as appropriate clothing, boots and helmets, a snow suit should be another consideration for any individual venturing into the alpine grassland. Snow suits are available in many different materials and designs, including full body and/or hooded designs. Some people prefer to wear a snow suit in addition to all of the other equipment listed above, however. It should be noted that if a snow suit is worn, it is essential that the appropriate gloves be worn also.

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