Ski Accessories That You Must Bring With You

A man riding a snowboard down a snow covered mountain

Are you going to the ski slopes for the first time? If you’ve never been skiing before, it can be hard to know what exactly you need to take with you. Quite often your friends don’t help much, because they’ll all tell you different things and you’ll end up completely confused! But before you give up and decide it’s just too hard, here are some essential ski accessories that you should take skiing with you. 

Ski Clothing 

A group of skiers are lined up in a row

Ski clothing or jackets are very much important for everybody. It protects our bodies from a heavy cold. It has some layers which resist the cold and keep us warm in our body. So, wearing a jacket when skiing is very important. However, you should check the comfort before going skiing. 


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This is another very important accessory that you should keep with you. It protects your hand from coldness. Apart from that, it gives the grips which help to hold the stick while skiing. 


When you’re first learning to ski, it can seem difficult enough to balance yourself without adding a backpack into the equation! But one thing’s for certain – if something goes wrong when you’re on the slopes, your backpack can be a lifesaver. Make sure it contains a few emergency supplies and also some extra clothing.


In case you’ve forgotten, snow is cold. So if you’re going to be on the slopes all day, chances are you’re going to get cold too! A hat has been shown to keep you between 5% and 15% warmer than not wearing one – so wear a warm one!

Goggles Or Sunglasses

The glare from gleaming white snow can be very hard to handle without goggles or sunglasses. Also, the UV rays can be up to 40% stronger on ski slopes, and you have a risk of potential damage to your eyes if you don’t protect them. Plus, goggles will make life much more comfortable when you’re whizzing down the slopes with snow blowing in your face!

Ski Equipment 

Okay, that sounds a little obvious! But make sure you have bought or rented all the equipment you need. You don’t want to reach the slope only to discover you forgot the ski poles. Skis, poles, and boots are a good start, but add in suitable snow gear if you don’t have any of your own.

Sunscreen And Lip Balm 

Anybody would think you’re heading for the beach! But because of the tough conditions on the ski slopes, you will find these two things essential. However, a minimum of SPF 15 is required for the sunscreen, and even higher would be better.

Bottom Line

This list contains many of the things you need to enjoy your ski experience, but there are always other things that can help out too. Look after yourself, and you’ll have a much better time on your first ski trip. However, you should check the accessories before going skiing so that you can enjoy skiing much better.

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