Skiing Tips and Tricks to be a Better Skier

skiing tips and tricks

Skiing is a difficult sport. For someone who have never been to a snowy land, it can be tough to ski properly. If you want to learn some tips and tricks to ski better, then read the article below.

Ski Tips and Tricks

A man is cross country skiing on a snow covered slope

1. Short Turns

A useful skill to master, short turns are parallel turns in quick succession, mainly used on narrow runs. This elegant technique keeps you traveling down the slope at a constant speed overall.

Turn the skis with your legs. A solid, centred stance and good edging movements will allow your legs to make all the movements and help keep your upper body still. Imagine skiing through a tiny tunnel where you have a duck to avoid banging your head. 

2. Carving

A man walking across a snow covered mountain

For skiers who love speed, ripping down a hill with a true carve is one of a skiing’s most graceful maneuvers. True edge-to-edge carving is meant primarily for wide-open groomers.

To carve the perfect turn, you need to get your skis on edge as early in the turn as possible. This is best done as you are pointing straight down the slope, by rolling the knees over so that the ski edges dig into the snow and steer the skis across the slope. The skis need to be put on the edges enough that when they start turning the skis will „cut“ into the snow and not slide or drift. This means changing your weight from ski to ski early and then inclining your body to put your skis on edge. 

3. Steeps

Skiing Steeps is an exhilarating and challenging experience, but it requires high degrees of both confidence and control. Less experienced skiers can use slide sideways to go down a slope in a very steep traverse: Weight over the downhill ski with the upper body facing the direction of your descent. Experienced skiers use upward and downward movement to help power the skis through the turns. 

4. Difficult Conditions

There are days when you will find that it is extremely icy in the morning, and as the day goes on the snow will start to melt, and runs can become very lumpy very quickly. 

If the slopes are icy, keep your speed down. Try to use your edges as much as possible and put weight over the downhill ski. If necessary, you can always use slide sideways to go down an icy slope. 

5. Freestyle Skiing: Switch, Jumps, Rails & Boxes

Freestyle skiing looks amazing, and will give you one of the biggest buzzes you will ever feel on the snow. However, how on earth do you make the transition from scooting about on-piste to launching yourself off the jumps, rails and boxes of a terrain park? A very important maneuver is the ability to ski backwards, or switch.

Perform basic parallel turns switch on an easy and wide-open slope. Initiate a switch turn by looking in the direction of travel, a basic tenet in switch skiing. When hitting a kicker in a terrain park, start with a straight jump. When you hit the take-off ramp, you will need to lean forwards in order to keep your weight over the middle of the skis. Practise springing off of smaller jumps until you are capable and confident enough to try something bigger. 

These are some helpful skiing tips and tricks to make you a better skier.

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