Tips to Promote your Skiing Resort

A man riding a snowboard down a snow covered mountain

Ski resorts need to constantly upgrade your blog posts if they want to attract more traffic to their sites. They do update their websites sometimes only with the new offers and schemes, but new blog posts can have people coming back to your site again and again. Reading articles and blogs on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops have become a way of life today and most people are hooked to these tools online to get the latest information. Using your blog posts, you can educate people about various things regarding your niche and this will make them keep coming again and again. your ski resort blog posts can drive visitors to your site. You can also promote your blogs on various social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you need more ideas on how to write snazzier ski resort blog posts, then do take a look below.


A man riding skis down a snow covered slope

Stories are an excellent way to keep people engaged and engrossed in your blogs. You can find people on Facebook/Twitter who can write engaging stories and mention your ski resort’s name. these can serve as testimonials and will drive more visitors to your resort. People today, rely on reviews, testimonials, and videos to try the same resort themselves. More than advertisements, they believe in testimonials because they feel someone like them has experienced the same thing before and is expressing honest reviews. When you have a great story, you can use Facebook and Twitter tags to enhance your promotions. This encourages other people to share their stories as well.


When you post your blog, make sure you share a lot of tips on riding, ski gear, ski styles, snow conditions, etc. This will make people keep coming for more valuable information. If you have such blogs, then you can post them on YouTube and embed the link in your blog post.

History and Idea behind the resort

People love knowing the reason behind coming up with the resort. Post blogs about the ski resort’s history and who was the first owner. Tell people about how your resort came to be and who were the first partners. Write some content from interviews taken from various members of the team. All this will ensure that you have a very engaging blog post.


To make your blog posts get more traffic, organize a photo or video contests. Those who get a vote will further send the site link to their sends, and this way, you can ensure maximum shares and viewership of your blog posts. This is a great way of indirect marketing. You can also tag the photographers so that they further post the pictures on their social media handles.

Resort Tips

Give some cool tips on your resort, like which is the best time to go skiing, any upcoming offers, when to avail the best groomers or masseurs. This will excite the people and make them keep coming for more. 

Fun Facts

Some fun facts related to skiing will keep the public engaged in your blog posts. Everyone loves reading fun facts/trivia on their phones while traveling or commuting. Let them come to your blog posts for their entertainment.

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