Top 3 Sites to Buy Skiing Gear Online in 2020

skiing gear online

As the winter began to show its face and the weather became cooler, there are two sports such as snowboarding and skiing that highlight the cold and dry season. Since the pandemic COVID-19, the season was cut short last year. The resorts are starting to reopen this year along with following various health protocols.

The rules required facemasks, food options outdoors exclusively, and standing with six feet gaps from each other in the lift lines. Due to the spreading of the coronavirus, rental is not an option this year, and local shops near the resorts are too risky. Therefore, we have enlisted the top three websites where you can buy necessary skiing gear within an affordable range.

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Though the Seattle-based online company has a return policy in some states, the range of selection and alluring pricing are here to capture the buyers.

Evo has an excellent online interface to choose the gear and place your order. Another attractive thing here is they tell you how many of a product is left in the “sell out risk” option.

If your order is more than fifty dollars then your shipping charges will be free in the U.S. Evo has stores in Washington D.C, Salt Lake City, and Denver, and several other states where you can order your gear online and receive store pickup and services.

Sizing is one of the biggest issues while shopping online. However, Evo has the most comprehensive guide for your sizing. They also have articles on sizing tips, and still, if you get the wrong size, they have a great return policy for unused items.

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As the name suggests, Backcountry has a strong concentration on the off-spite and expert ski equipment with a great stock of alpine and powder touring skis, bindings, and boots.

You can also appreciate the vivid color and sizes of safety gear they have in their inventory, and they give small boutique brands a chance too.

As the staff is very competent, you can view their uptake on products in the review section to help yourself while buying skiing gear for this year.

Though it remains one of the top online sites for its qualities like easy navigation and user-friendly access, they need to have specific categories to not end up in a different part of the site.

REI Co-op

Though the selection is not as diverse as Backcountry or Evo, they have an impressive selection of popular ski items and a return policy.

The country’s largest outdoor retailer is famous for its hiking and camping gear, but the focus of the winter collection is on the skiers of the resort with the apparel and gear to match.

REI is all about your satisfaction with their product. So, they have a one-year return policy, and they carry products of famous high-end brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Arc’teryx.

As the company has mortar stores in over forty states, it’s hard to pay sales tax when you are ordering online.


In the article, we have discussed the top three online companies that are popular for their skiing gear. However, we have also mentioned the weak points along with the strong points of these online sites so that you can make a solid decision.

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