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Water skiing is a classic fun sport. It combines high speeds with spectacular stunts and excellent body control.

In water skiing, the athletes are pulled over the water either by a motorboat or jet ski or by a water ski lift, the so-called cable.

It achieves speeds of 35 to 39 km/h on boats and 27 to 32 km/h on the lifts.

While the driver is strapped to a board to the side of the direction of travel during wakeboarding, two skis are used for water skiing and the driver is facing the direction of travel.

The kneeboard is a modification of water skis and wakeboard.

The athletes kneel on the kneeboard and let themselves be pulled by cable or boat.


A person riding skis down a snow covered slope

The water ski equipment consists of at least one pair of water skis, a water ski line, and a life jacket.

 A wetsuit can also be a useful part of the equipment. It is also recommended to wear a helmet to be adequately protected in the event of a fall.


The most important piece of equipment is the ski. Skis are divided into two skis, one ski, trick ski and jump ski.

Two Skis

These skis are used when you first want to encounter water skiing as a beginner.

They have a wide tail and bottom so that you can easily rise above the water level.

One-Ski/Slalom ski

For intermediate users who are already accustomed to two-skiing, the tail of the one-ski is thin so they can turn freely, and various types of edges are provided on the bottom of each product…

So it’s possible to choose according to the taste of skiers. You can also learn more thrill, speed, and deep rotation skills.

Trick Ski

It is a water ski that is mainly seen in competitions.

It has an oval that is shorter in length and wider than that of ordinary water skis and is suitable for high-level tricks such as aerial rotation or direction change by receiving more resistance from the water

Ski Boots

This comes in combination with ski plates. Boots are divided into two types: one-piece bindings and boots, and binding products with separate inner boots.

We recommended you buy boots that fit snugly to your feet, but not too tight. Because the boots do not come off when you fall into the water while skiing, your knees or joints may give in.

Also, if it is too hard, it may interfere with skiing. That’s why some products can be thermoformed to fit your feet tightly for you to choose from.


Wetsuits are important accessories for water sport as they ensure the right temperature compensation, especially when the summer season in your home town is not long.

The right bindings for skis and boards, which are adjusted to the correct shoe size as well as to the skills and demands of the driver, are a must for safe skiing fun.

When water skiing, the driver is usually pulled across the water by a motorboat while standing on two boards.


A bunch of items that are sitting on a table

For specialists, however, there is also another version, in which the feet are strapped one behind the other to a single, slightly wider ski.

The feet stand on the ski in a  binding made of rubber and neoprene, and the athlete is pulled behind the motorboat on a line with a handle.

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