Winter Skiing Holidays

Winter Skiing Holidays: Get Ski Fit And Avoid An Injury

Many people prefer to go skiing during the winter holidays. In recent times, the sport has gained much popularity in many regions of the world. Therefore, more persons are hitting the slopes nowadays. However, it also shows a rise in snow sports injury. The most common one during the winter skiing holidays is knee joint injury. According to estimations, nearly 30 percent of total skiing injuries are knee ones. The anterior cruciate ligament is more vulnerable in knees to get injured.

In this article, we describe the steps that can help you to get ski fit and avoid injury during winter skiing holidays.

Winter Skiing Holidays: Get Ski Fit And Avoid An Injury
Winter Skiing Holidays: Get Ski Fit And Avoid An Injury

Things You Must Do Before Winter Skiing Holidays

Most of the injuries in skiing occur due to falling. However, the below things will surely help you to get ski ready. You must start with these exercises prior to the trip. Ideally, you must begin with it at least six weeks before your trip.


It is an essential part of any snow sports. You can say it as an ability to stay upright during the move. Try to reach the points on an imaginary clock surface while standing on one leg. Then, try this same technique with another leg.

Lateral Jump

During the skiing, you have to land in lateral direction weight shift. Therefore, it is necessary to train your body for absorbing shock during the move. Bend your knees in a squatting posture. The weight must be evenly spread on both feet. Jump from one side to another. However, you must maintain a straight back during the jump.

Parallel Rotation Jumps

First of all, get your body in a squatting position. Twist your jump side to side. Make sure to land on the feet balls after the jump. To absorb the shock, you must bend the knees. However, your chest must be forward during the whole activity.

Lunges With Rotation

This exercise will train your body for moving one area while fixing the other one. Begin with standing a forward step of one leg and bend your knees. After that, twist the upper part of the body to the side and then return. Repeat the same exercise with another leg.

Calf Stretches

The leg calves must be flexible in any skiing. They enable you to keep downward force to lean forward on the front of skis. Without their flexibility, you will bear excessive weight through the heel. Hence, you must practice stretching to make it more stretchable.

Winter Skiing Holidays: Get Ski Fit And Avoid An Injury
Winter Skiing Holidays: Get Ski Fit And Avoid An Injury

Cardiovascular For Winter Skiing Holidays

It is necessary to improve your cardiovascular health before the trip. Start with running or join a spinning class. It also prepares you to ski for a longer duration.

Things To Do During Winter Skiing Holidays

Firstly, you need a proper pair of clothes to keep you warm. Warm-up your body daily before starting the activity. Moreover, limit the intake of drinks like alcohol. It can reduce your coordination and focus. Hence, you are more venerable to injury by having them.

Take regular breaks and make sure to have proper sleep. Lack of sleep may reduce the coordination of your body. Therefore, it can boost possibilities for an accident. Moreover, properly fit all the ski gears before the activity. Wear helmets to avoid any head injury.

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